Tools for Field Linguistics

Did you know that there are (at least) four open source audio/video time-alignment and transcription tools for linguists written in Java? (Elan, QuillDriver, TASX, and SignStream.) Doesn't that seem like overkill? Wouldn't it be nice if like-minded linguistic software developers worked together, sharing their open-source code in the same version-control repository?!

That, dear readers, is the noble ambition of Tools for Field Linguistics! But don't be fooled: our work has only just begun: at present, Tools for Field Linguistics only hosts source code for two projects. If you envision a brighter future, and want to help change this, please visit our SourceForge project page, and drop us an e-mail.

Current Projects

QuillDriver: Interactive Transcription & Annotation for Digital Video

altiplano hosts a site devoted to QuillDriver and managed by its lead developer, which includes documentation, nightly builds, executable downloads, and sample content.

THDL (Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library) offers a version of QuillDriver optimized for Tibetan script, along with detailed documentation and sample Tibetan content.

IPA4Unicode: Text Processing Software for the International Phonetic Alphabet

altiplano also hosts a site documenting IPA4Unicode which includes overview papers, software downloads, and links to related projects.